By now you have flown over 1500 hours and have considerable aviation experience. This page is designed to simply give you the bottom line. Accelerated ATP courses are available for those who meet the requirements.

Current military pilots seeking their ATP rating will be given priority on weekends. If you are TDY or have orders pending, Encore Flight Academy will attend to your needs first (one of the few perks of wearing dog tags).

ATP written test should be completed prior to the start of training

When can I start my ATP certificate training?

You need to have total of 1500 hours of total logged time get your ATP certificate.

How long does the ATP Course take to complete?

Depending on your flight experience the ATP Course could take between 3 to 10 hours of flight time, we also recommend at least 2 hours of FAA Approved flight simulator time.

Can I get my ATP Certificate in an accelerate time?

Yes, the ATP program could be completed in as little as a week, or 2 or 3 weekends.